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The Got Goals? Bloghop

What is the Got Goals? Bloghop about? 

Way back in 2013, Misha started this bloghop because she had a huge goal. The idea was to have writers with some big ambitions have some company while they went after their goals, with a healthy dose of accountability to go with it. 

It's also a form of encouragement, because seeing people in the hop with you achieve something is a huge boost. 

What are the Bloghop Rules?

We don't have a lot of rules, but those we do have is to help everyone have fun.

1) Updates are on the last Friday of every month. 
2) Let people know what goal you're going after. You can just mention your big goal, or you could break it down into smaller goals every month. 
3) Include the banner above so everyone knows that's what you're doing.
4) Leave the link to a given month's post as a comment on a blog post for that month.
5) Visit at least some of the other bloggers in the bloghop. Encourage them, give advice, or just say hi. But please don't just post and run if you can help it.


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Update Day: August 2017

Do you have a crazy or just an incredibly important goal? 
Excellent. The Got Goals? Bloghop is for you. We set crazy goals and then, on the last Friday of the Month (in this case August 25th), we post updates on our progress. 
You're more than welcome to join in. 
Just write a post to update on your goals, make sure to use the image at the top, and leave a comment on this post with a link to yours.